Is Your Man Of Good Character?

A man of good character does not:

Does not bring harm to you physically, mentally, and emotionally in any which way

Does not bring harm to others 

Does not break your spirit

Does not does disrespect you 

Does not compare you to others

Does not run away from his responsibility

Does not abandon you even in your darkest hour

Does not lay down with someone else

A man of good character will:

Will love you unconditionally

Will let you know he no longer wants to be in a relationship like a man, honest and upfront

Will stand tall and take on his responsibilities

Will support the things you want to accomplish

Will appreciate your efforts

Will stand by you when it seems like everyone is against you

Will encourage you to keep going when you feel like giving up

Will have courage and not back down when things don’t go the way they are supposed to

Will be faithful

Will open up his arms and let you in

Will show you that he loves you

Will have values that he lives by

Will look out for your interests as well as his ownImage

Never ever should a relationship be about battling other girls he has been with! Never should you have to play detective! Love is precious and so is the purity of your commitment to each other. Spend time together, laugh, hold hands, experience new things together, flirt, and be playful. Watch what you say and always forgive. Send compassion and understanding in each other’s direction. Be realistic and don’t cry over spilled milk. Appreciate each other and your differences. Above all let God lead the way in standards.

Ladies, if your man is not of good character than I suggest you get rid of that fool and move on.  

I will always get up, get dressed, and show up






Something Has To Give

I look in the mirror and see the bags under my eyes and just how badly my eyes are swollen. These last few years have aged me, seriously. Nobody foreseen how the stress would affect me, not even myself. I always looked younger than what I was, not anymore. Always looking over my back, watching every step I took, trying to look out for my friends, and in the meantime trying to get myself together and help people. That type of life is too much. Did anyone care that this would be too much for me? God did. That is why He sends his holy spirit to make me strong but I have to let everything else go. This very second in time I feel what is hurting me and aging me!! What do I do? Let it go! I often speculate on the phrase “let it go.” I have said to myself that I have let it go. I think for me letting go means no longer associating with people or things that no longer have a purpose in my life. This could be something I read everyday, allowing thoughts (fantasy or not) into my daily routine, or controlling what I think. Turning off the radio, TV, and other things that give false hope to the reality that I’m facing might help mattersImage. Maybe if I didn’t have all these electronics here to pacify me I would be further than what I am. Maybe? Maybe not? I do know something has to give. I let totally go or the situation changes. The love in my heart will NEVER leave for all those I love. I’m still me, still love, still quirky, and still will get up, get dressed, and show up.


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