The beauty of this dark haired child had me from the start

She wears a smile that slow dances with my heart

Eyes that speak the truth of innocence

The tenderness of her words make perfect sense

Her laughter drowns out my sadness

Without her I would crumble into madness

Playfulness becomes her

Knowing her love is the cure

The energy she sends forth keeps me warm

A reminder that love takes on any form

From that moment forward

I was never the same

Thank God for Aleiya

…her precious name







Choice is something that is given to us all everyday, all day. I was at work today and one of God’s elderly children chose to scold me because she couldn’t explain to me what she wanted. She is still in her “right mind” and does not suffer from dementia. To my understanding she has been this “type” of person all her life. She is 92 and bitter. I wanted to tell her that she is wrong for treating people the way she does, snipping, rude, and spiteful. The truth is that if I did it would not sink in, she wouldn’t care. It is up to her how she wants people to remember her. She is at the end of her life cycle and the impression she makes is her choice. She answers to God not to any of us. It’s her choice to be kind and loving for the remainder of her limited days. She, not I, stands before God in judgement based on her actions. It’s her choice on whether to portray herself in a manner of enlightenment or darkness. I retreated and began to feel sorry for her. I asked myself why I felt sorry for her when she chooses to be this way? This line of questioning sent me thinking about my own choices. I choose not to be bitter. I choose to laugh and smile. I choose to give the praise and glory to God. I choose to help people. I choose to love people. I choose to encourage and uplift. I choose to do my best. I choose not to be bitter. Truth be known I hate negative emotions. I choose to imagine myself with people, laughing, telling stories, creating positiveness, caring for one another, and being simply kind. No matter how old you are you have a choice. Today, I choose to laugh instead of being ungrateful. The choice is mine and only mine and I ask God to help me make great ones.Image

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