Trust God and His Ability

When I was young I was infatuated with horses. I bought books on them and had posters all over my room of these magnificent creatures. Each year at fair time I would spend hours in the horse stalls petting and feeding them. I would spend all afternoon each day admiring and asking how fast they run, what type of horse they were, how to put the saddle on,etc. I could only imagine how the owners grew weary of me. I didn’t care. I was a kid and just wanted to know more.

When my family and I took our yearly vacation at Mohigan State Park in Ohio, I begged my mother to let me go horseback riding. The rides were costly and she didn’t have a lot of money, but with my persistence she gave in. I was excited beyond belief! After we arrived the guide brought the horse over to me and explained how to get up in the saddle. With his help I was sitting on top of the horse. I felt tall. Suddenly, fear inched in. I thought, “oh no! I’m nervous.” I cannot believe that I once wanted to be a cowgirl and round up horses on a ranch and here I sit, sacred. The horse began to walk and I swept that fear away. Off we went, the horse and I, up and down hills.

We came to a narrow trail. One step in the wrong direction and the horse, with me on top of him, could lose his footing and slide down the hill throwing me off. I told the guide that I was scared. I started shaking as I watched the hoofs take each step. I could not believe the guide is taking us on a trail like this! The guide turned around and said, “he has made this trip many times, his footing is secure and his balance is grounded. Trust his ability not to fall.” At that point I had no choice. I surely couldn’t jump off him. I sat up on that saddle with the reigns held tightly in my grip.
Letting the horse do what he knows how to do took faith and trust on my part. Eventually, I came off that trail safely and in one piece. Whew!

Life can be like a narrow trail. Treading it lightly and watching each step that we take. We have to put faith and trust in God to carry us through. Let God take the reigns. Circumstances may arise that are out of our control, let God deal with it and trust Him to do what he does best – DELIVER! We may not know why things happen but have faith that He knows why. His word is secure, His holy spirit is grounded, and His ability will NOT fail. Life can throw you up on a saddle and give you no choice but to hang on. Remember this, God promises that His word ‘will go forth and not return to him without results.’ Become infatuated by taking in knowledge and asking questions. Finally, when you come off that narrow trail get on your knees and 1526582_900986096594031_1445240057997183100_nthank him from the bottom of your heart. He expects you to always get up, get dressed, show up, and never give up!


The Little Reminders

Life-Changing-Inspirational-QuotesMy heart ripped staring at my niece today! She looked sick and worn out. She just came off a binge of doing drugs. As I walked to the back porch to speak to her mother her famous words came back to me. Not so long ago she made a post on a social site how people on drugs should just kill themselves, in other words they are not fit to be alive. I wonder if she still feels that way? I bet not. Unfortunately she had to learn the hard way. I found myself replaying the look in her eyes when I first walked in. A look of hopelessness and tiredness. I could barely finish my conversation with her mother before I went back in to talk to her.

I encouraged her not give up. I wanted to be an example for her and say, “look at me!” I did it so can you. But my advice had to go further then that. The first step was to rid the people around you that do drugs. My mom always told me that bad association spoil useful habits. She was absolutely right! Your association does affect you, I don’t care how strong you are it will take its toll. I don’t want her to have the problems with her son that I have with my daughters. She is young and the damage can be minimal if she stops now.

After I left I felt privileged to say those things to her. I felt that I could make a difference. There are so many people that need help. This is a sickness that deals with your emotional and physical state. But you have to be willing to help yourself. The desire, yes the desire, has to be there. I wonder if this is what I’m supposed to do with my life? Should I be educating and preparing myself to help drug addicts? I lived it and I don’t necessarily need a college to teach me that. Once we were done talking I felt encouraged. It was such a positive vibe. I truly felt motivated to go back and continue my conversation with her. I realized the state she was in and decided it was best just to throw some crumbs right now.

Of course it always brings me back to God. I will never forget what He did for me. He is our only hope and that includes everything in life. He knows each one of us better than anyone on earth. He sent thoughts to me, not just any thought, but the exact thought that was needed to make me budge. I must admit that I do giggle when I think of what the Most High did! Only, and I mean only, He would have been able to know what I needed to leave. He humbled me, but He made me strong. God teaches in His own way, the best way. I will always call upon his holy name, Jehovah.

I realized that I like to do, or maybe that I need to do, is help people. I love to write and maybe this is how I’m supposed to accomplish that. I feel alive when I write.
Then there are occasions where my brain goes into overdrive and I would like to do other things. But those ‘other’ things always include writing. Maybe I’m supposed to do more than one thing. I mean, why not? Why should I just stick to one career? I believe the more education and experience you have the more valuable you become. Of course saying that makes me think of the things education can’t teach you, like being understanding, compassionate, and tolerant. Only life experiences can teach you that.
I often wonder why do I have to love so hard. Why can’t I be a little mean? Maybe if I hold a grudge it will toughen me up. I forgive at the drop of a pin. I like the fact I forgive easily, it takes the bad feelings away. I wish I didn’t feel so deeply. There is no reason for me to cry because two baby elephants were picking on another baby elephant. That is ridiculous. When I sit back and think of it all, it brings me back to Jehovah. He forgives easily. He has patience and tolerance. He has understanding and realizes we are imperfect. He loves deeply, so deeply that he gave up his only begotten son, Jesus, so that we may be saved. I shouldn’t complain about those qualities because those are some of God’s greatest qualities. As for now, I keep moving forward and see where my journey takes me next. Until then I will always get up, dress up, and show up!

What Angie Taught Me

I’m confronted with my own existence when I think of my friend Angie. Angie passed away two days ago due to an accident. I met her when I started working at my present job. She was on my crew. I spent three days a week with her for six months. I know her family well. We got along great. We talked many times of doing things outside of work like, going out to eat and doing things together this summer. We never did those things, partly because we got caught up in everyday life. This makes me sad but it also has taught me a lesson. Life is precious and I need not wait for another day to come along to get together with family and friends. I might not have that opportunity again, this is a difficult fact to swallow, but it’s the truth. Another lesson Angie has taught me is to chase after something I love to do. Angie made tu-tu’s for little girls. One day she and I talked about turning it into a business. I asked her if she love doing this and she replied with an exciting, “yes!” I exclaimed, “make this your business.” I went on to show her how to market her dresses and get her name out there. One week later, she hands me a few of her personalized business cards. That smile had pride and joy written all over it. I will never forget that smile. She continued to sell her wonderfully hand made tu-tu’s online up until her death. She told me once that she wasn’t selling as many as she wanted, I told her not to give up. She didn’t give up. I feel one of the hardest things in life is not to give up. It takes determination, looking for opportunities, educating oneself, crying, patience, and the grace of God to not give up. The most important thing she taught me was to examine my relationship with God. I’ve come a long ways but there are improvements that need to be made. I want to be in the best standing with God. It’s vital to cherish our loved ones and the moments we have with them. Tragedies can be a wake up call for people, but it can serve to be lessons for the ones that are still here. I’m grateful for this day and for the Most High in the universe that said, “not today, Dawn.”

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