I must say I have learned a lot attending college. Business Marketing is my major. These classes has shown me the in and outs of business and how to operate them to the best of my ability. Creativity is a huge part in marketing and knowing my segmented groups is the best way to market a product. I have to know people…which leads me to my favorite thing to meditate on, and that is people and their personalities.

I’m a people watcher. That is one thing college cannot teach me. At work is where I get to do this. I listen and observe while being quiet. It’s quite fun! My love for people make doing this enjoyable. Sure, there are some personalities I shy away from more than others, but I’m capable of getting along with all of them. Been this way all my life. How? The reason is because I look for the good qualities in each person. Sometimes it’s difficult to see them in some individuals, but I always find a few. I concentrate on those few. I see them in a different light when I do this, and that is how I get along with everyone. Once you do this life becomes interesting. People are interesting. They make me cry and they make me laugh…and I need both. I’m going to mention four people I know, and this is their beauty through my eyes:

Person #1. Middle aged(over 50). Speaks slowly, as if she’s considering every word before she speaks. Not much fluctuation in her tone. Overly thorough in explaining things. Slowly reacts to any type of situation. Sense of humor could be better. Not a lively person. Does things by the book. But this is what I see…she carries a sense of peace about her. Emotions are under control. She may be slow to speak but her words are kind and helpful. Her lack of body and facial motions give way to a person that takes her responsibilities seriously. Her stern ways about her reflect experience, but not-so stern that she is unapproachable. It appears she lives a laid back life with stress under control. She gets things done. She may not laugh too much, BUT she doesn’t flip out either. She is a professional. We need people like that because she is calm. We need calm people.

Person #2. Middle aged (over 50). Professional in her ways. She is a go getter. Outgoing and wonderful with words. Can become stressed easily, but that’s caused by her eagerness to be successful. She likes to show what she is made of. Can be a little sensitive. Puts effort into being kind to everyone, but I sense a mean streak. Sense of humor peaks out at times. She’s fair and understands people. I feel she has a low self esteem but makes up for it through her job. But here is what I see…she has pride in what she does. Her job is stressful and she tries her best to deal with the pressure. She does not give up! She keeps going and makes things happen. She is conscious of her attitude and will adjust it accordingly. Once you become closer to her, she will open up. Fire her up and she will be bold…at the right times. We need people like her to go above and beyond their duty to help a company run successfully. One who never throws the towel in.

Person #3. Under 40. Down to earth. Laughs a lot. Takes her responsibility seriously, but doesn’t allow it to take her. She is caring. Looks for ways to improve situations. Doesn’t mind showing that she’s unhappy (lol). Very expressive. Carries a smile. Strong personality and doesn’t care what people think of her. She wants to do her job well and is very thankful for what she has. She laughs at herself. She’s youthful in some of her actions (she’s not much younger than myself). Approachable. Silly. She’s careful on how she says things, but she gets her point across. She has had me laughing on more than one occasion. This is what I see. I need people like her.

Person #4. Close to middle age. Doesn’t take much seriously, but she shows up. Follower. Caring. Doesn’t think much for herself and follows the crowd. She will do anything for anyone. Learning disability. Very energetic! Always positive for no reason. Not a complainer even when her life isn’t perfect. She likes to be included in things and accepted. She’s alone. She doesn’t let what people say about her bring her down. Good sense of humor. Dances and sings wherever she is. She tries. Independent. Expresses herself in childish ways (I love that). People pleaser. She doesn’t always make sense but her heart is good. Plus, her facial expressions are to die for. She doesn’t seem to worry about anything. She’s a big teenager. This is what I see. The world needs people like her.

This is only my observation. Each person is beautiful in their own way…I look for the good and not the bad.


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    1. Thank you! You have no idea how much that means to me. I love reading your posts. Keep going. I’m trying to make more time to blog with this busy schedule of mine. 🙂

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