Who Can Measure

Science has achieved an impressive undertaking in the flow,

The advancement in medicine is quite the show,

But who can measure up to you, my Lord,

They cry out, “look what we have done!”

Remember! I am the One whom granted you the means to do so, my son,

I created you with intelligence,

Do you think that was a mere coincidence?

You duplicate the creatures in the heavens and earth,

But I alone! was the One who gave them birth,

I call the stars by name,

While you sit in your lifeless labs and collect all the fame,

I formed your beating heart with the tiniest fraction of my own power,

And set my beauty within the flower,

I blew the breath of life into your lungs,

And sent my son to forgive your wrongs,

Your inconceivable Big Bang theory doesn’t make sense,

And you continue to scatter this profound scheme based on a false pretense,

Your stubborn, willful, disdain feelings for me say I don’t exist,

Despite the overwhelming evidence you persist,

By all means! I formed you from dirt,

And I am the master in relinquishing internal hurt,

Come off your lofty thinking,

Humble yourselves to avoid sinking,

Dear children, listen to my voice,

For one day you will have to make a choice


Turning Point

Somewhere when the wind died down I came to realize,

Conceptions fall away and reality began to materialize,

When life appears somber,

The numbness seeps through my pores,

And the letdown is undeniably painful,

With my past leaving me unstable,

A light dims through,

Gradually my eyes pivot along this unfamiliar corridor,

I cry out, “hello? hello?

Who is there? Please make yourself known?

I’m coming! Don’t leave!

Grasping and feeling my way through the dark,

I perceive the light ahead will be my start,

Alas, what am I do to do now?

I collapse to the ground in grief,

With tears pouring down my face,

In anguish I pray for relief,

I beckon myself to get up…GET UP!

Who will be there to greet me?

I pick up my pace with determination,

The light is becoming more apparent,

I beg humbly to gaze upon the face of the one shining the light,

I cannot be wrong…this must be right,

Bless the benevolent soul for showing me the way,

I’ve come to my finish. I have arrived!

My heart pounds in expectation,

I open the door, step in, and raise my head,

…only to see a mirror with my own reflection…