Wish I Would’ve Known More

Wish I Would’ve Known More


Walking home in ignorant bliss

Each step echoing my merriment

His touch awakening my senses

Subdued by his gracious gift

His love thrusts pulsing through me

No greater one for me, than he

A man embodiment of compassion by nature

Filling in the spaces with his smile

Holding me, pulling my world into his

Fondling me in the depths of my darkness

Recovering my place to the light

Whispers in my ear of soothing music

Never second guessing this love


Wished I would’ve known more

Wished I knew I was on borrowed time

Wished the truth been spoken then

I would’ve ran back to him in that moment

Offer my complete self to his every want

It was over before it began

How could this be?

Left naked for all to see

I soared into deception?

My weakness cradled my fears

As my bones cried out through my tears


Let me trip over my heart no longer

Carry what I’ve learned

Allow my faith to grow stronger

Bring no pain to my fellow man

Forgive me, forgive him, and forgive the whole plan

Send out the message

I will not lay down in destitute

This will put my love to the test

For in my heart your memory will rest

Let this be the end on my part