I Carry You Every Where I Go

How do I let you go? It appears I cannot! I feel insane when I think of you. One moment I am laughing in hysterics and in the next…I am crying. Better yet, I am bitter but cannot bring myself to scream at you. I don’t have a right to give you the fifth degree. Would it do any good? Not for me because I want to see you smile. I, surely, don’t want to be the cause of any sadness or discomfort. I carry you with me everyday.

From the time I open my eyes and crawl out of bed I envision you standing in the doorway with a cup of coffee. I carry you in my heart. I carry you in my fingertips when I write. My thoughts always drift back to you when I am listening to someone else talk. Music reminds me of your voice and the way you speak to me…all in collaboration and with the melody flowing like honey.  Your unpredictable touch gliding across my back sends shivers of hope to my heart. I carry you on top of my feet as I take each step on this journey. I carry you in my mind where your name shall be forever engraved. I carry the wish…that you felt the same.

It doesn’t work that way. I knew I would never see the day you bring me coffee…with two creamers. Mocha or French Vanilla would have been good…while I was sleeping. A girl gets tired of making her own coffee.


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