Get Yourself A Wounded Girl

“Women who have been to hell and back are hard to love.” That was a post I seen today written by a friend. My first reaction was agreeable with what he was saying. But moments later after scrutinizing over those words, I felt indifferent to them.

Why do certain men feel that way? Maybe they should look at it from a different perspective. Sure, she is cautious and may not open up immediately. Why is it necessary to reveal everything in the beginning anyway? It takes the mystery from the person. There should be no rush. I feel men get discouraged when a woman doesn’t respond to their advances in the way they like or in the time frame they feel is suitable. That’s hog wash. People are too apt to jump into a relationship without knowing someone. The “hard to love woman” knows this best of all. Why don’t men follow her lead when it comes to dating? Do what she does; maybe they would learn something. Like… seeing their true colors in different situations.

More importantly is that a wounded woman will tend to be more compassionate. More empathetic and willing to comfort you when going through critical times in your life. She doesn’t want someone to suffer as she did. She will go beyond measures to see that doesn’t happen. She will stand by you because she knows how it feels to be left and thrown away. Her loyalty will be unblemished and her choices will be beneficial because at one time she made crummy choices. Her wisdom has grown from her scars.  Her encouragement will raise the roof because she has seen rock bottom. Her strong will and independence will be the very thing you cling to.  When you screw up, she will be that friend and tell you so.  Your wounded woman will never hold your mistakes against you because she remembers the 1001 unforgettable mistakes she has made. Instead, she will help you correct those mishaps with understanding and love. Harsh words will not slip from her tongue because she was stabbed all over with reckless words.  She will look out for your interests and not just hers. She is no girl anymore. She is a woman that has been to hell and back. Men say a wounded woman is hard to love and it’s simply not true. All men need to do is let her be… her. Don’t rush and enjoy the journey.

My advice for men is…to get yourself a wounded girl!



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