Do Not Underestimate Recall

It was comparable to those old black and white movies back in my great grandparents day. How one scene jumped to the next scene. The reel just kept moving with antagonizing glimpses, not full pictures…just one glimpse after another. That is what happened to me in my kitchen of my old house, my old life. The room was spinning and it all came to me. Each scene was playing out quickly. Every word he said with every move began to make sense. The truth spread through me like a cancer. What spurred this revealing heartbreaking recall? One act of faith from a sinner that was tired and distraught in how sick and hopeless people are. In how hopeless I was. From that moment Jehovah took control…over me at least. He knew this was an opportunity for redemption and to bring me back.

With my legs shaking in fear, I recalled Jesus standing before the governor. I remember how Jesus remained silent through the scriptures. I read it and He recalled it. Jesus knew it did not matter what he said because they were going to judge him wrongly anyhow. When I was there, I began to pray and God recalled to my mind what Jesus did. I stayed silent. When I was in the backseat the authorities under the fake God of this system of things were intimidating me. My heart was racing but the drug nor their tactics prevailed. I kept silent. They were looking for me to act out. ¬†They were looking to me for blame. They sorely ,almost, accomplished their agenda against me because of my vulnerability. All what I say is truth. Those glimpses of Jesus and what he did is true. It’s not a miracle. It’s an act of God on a small scale. I thought God is going to show them who is boss. And I was definitely on His side. Let’s suit up. I now realize He stretched out His hand because of the very thing I asked Him for.

At times those memories haunt me. They’re powerful memories. Oh! but how vital they are in my transformation. To know I am not alone brings me tranquility and a sense of belonging. Above all, I have been given a freedom of choice. I’ve reacted poorly to some situations and have responded with wisdom in others. The understanding of still doing what is right and obeying God’s law under any and all circumstances IS beneficial.

The sinner, King David, life was protected by God when he was on the run. King David is well known and historically proven beyond the pages of the Bible. His name was found written on the wall of Jerusalem in modern day. There is ample proof that he did exist and was king. Listen to what he says through these verses. You can apply them literally or spiritually:

Psalms 119:109-112

“My life is in constant danger, But I have not forgotten your law. The wicked have set a trap for me. But I have not strayed from your orders. I take your reminders as my permanent possession, For they are the joy of my heart. I have resolved to obey your regulations At all times, down to the last…”

No matter what is happening; no matter who is trying to hurt you. God says to obey even if it hurts. Today, I must apply this to my life. I’m still a work in progress and my sins still are there, but I won’t give up because I know these words were born faithful and true.



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