Winged Angel

When you’re at the end of your rope

Wait for the winged Angel

Inscribed with hope

Feel the essence of the moment

Close your eyes

Release the torment

Time is at hand

Never early, never late

Claim your power

And always replicate

When you’re at the end of your rope

Wait for the winged Angel

Inscribed with hope…





A Vow To Myself

People say to set goals for yourself. While there is nothing wrong with that, I suggest making a vow to yourself. A vow is: a solemn promise, or a covenant. Sacred and dedication that bonds you to a “promise.” Have you not kept promises to other people? If so, vow to do something or be something. That covenant will mold you into an amazing person. It will make you strong, beautiful, and reliable.

My first vow to myself (and many more to come) is to never feel this way again.

My Heart Hurts Tonight

One of the most painful things to feel is being forgotten and left behind. Looking at pictures of people who were my friends and seeing how they’ve moved on breaks me. Living their life with new people. Believing I was important, too. I still wish them love.

I pray to God for you

To let your regrets be few

To find love

To seek advice from Him above

To welcome the moon

And wave to the stars

To travel to distant lands

And bury your feet in Polynesian sands

Although we took different directions

…I still pray for your protection


-Your ole friend-



Wisdom From Above

“The wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peaceable, reasonable, ready to obey, full of mercy and good fruits” – James 3:17

There is ample evidence in the authenticity of these words. Look the order in which the words follow each other. First, the wisdom from God is pure followed by peace which is reasonable. It makes sense. Once you find peace you are ready to obey and understand. Through this process you become merciful and your actions and deeds produce fine qualities by righteous standards.

Truer than true.


Say Your Name Aloud

I said my name out loud and it was bitter sweet. I ended the phone call and sat in my car trying to identify my feelings. This name belongs to me. How do I feel when I say my name? I could be sitting in a waiting room when an attendant calls my name and think nothing of it. There is no reaction. But, that day when I had to identify myself to the receiver, a different vibe came over me. Honestly, I didn’t care for it. I felt something land in the pit of my stomach. Disassociation. The longer I sat there thinking, the better it got.

I accepted that this name has many facets to it. The good, bad, ugly, beauty, happy, and sad. The important parts are what I do with all these facets to build a better Dawn. Reinventing myself crept into my mind. Do something different, a lot of things different. This takes determination and sacrifice. The next time I say my name aloud it will bounce off some really terrific vibes. Until that time, I will continue to say my name. I recommend saying your name out loud and writing down what comes to mind. Soul searching enhances awareness. The next generation will need it.


I find myself in ripe position

To transition

From a previous life



Into a world of hues

Without systematic rules

I see the path

Untouched by wrath

Only to live balmy

Take a gander

…now you see me


I Didn’t See You Coming

I didn’t see you coming

I, sufficiently vulnerable

Living life unbearable

Yet…there you were

Standing tall with luscious lips

Slithering a bolt to my hips

Espying a different world through your eyes

Letting go of atrocious lies

I absorbed the words spoken that day

Wouldn’t let my enemy take em’ away

You are my one song

When I no longer belong

I sung

I danced

Succumbed, helpless

To your aesthetic trance

Your priceless words

In a timeless place

Showed me love face to face

I didn’t see you coming

Yet…there you are

A love like no other

My shining star


The Damn Breaks

The damn breaks

My emotions flood

A wave of tears plummets down my cheek

Percolating my heart

The world becomes a blur

My voice crackling

My words a slur

Swollen in time

Pondering for the day to come

…when I will be fine



I Write

I write

To fill empty pages

To set myself apart

When I can no longer speak

I write

To see myself differently

I see beauty in the world

But, I don’t always feel it

…Only when I write

It was love at first word

With a pinch of pain

A sprinkle of sarcasm

And a dash of love

I grind up the words

And pour them onto the world

I write

To resonate my song…

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